Chill and be still (and always eat ice cream)
September 30, 2011, 12:04 pm
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You saw Bethany’s post over at The Arched Eyebrow about our Soho date last week, so here’s mine. We went for ice cream at Scoop in Covent Garden and generally had a pleasant and rambly afternoon. If you enjoy Bethany’s blog (and I’m sure you do because it’s REALLY GOOD), please vote for her to win a Cosmo Blog Award HERE under the ‘Student Blog’ category, and make sure there’s a little green tick next to ‘The Arched Eyebrow’.

Bright On

My friends Henna and Andrew and I went to Brighton for the day. It started off rainy and grey but then brightened up into a fine afternoon! The ice cream sundaes were from Scoop & Crumb, an ice cream cafe on East Street – absolute perfection.

Food and frivolities

Being a foodie, I love taking photos of food. In fact, food is my favourite thing to photograph. I love the mix of foods to be found along Portobello Road, from staples like vegetables and meat to more frivolous, spur of the moment foods like ice cream and cakes.

July 22, 2010, 12:06 pm
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It’s that time again. Time to envy my London adventures with Bethany. I had a half day at work the other day (it was meant to be a full day but you know how these things go) so we decided to picnic in St James’s Park and headed on a whim to Gelupo on Archer Street for dessert. I loved it. I had the strawberry and peach sorbets and Bethany had melon and peach. It’s nice also how tucked away Gelupo is on Archer Street, without many other places from which to tempt potential customers. It goes to show just how good it is, thriving on word of mouth and customer loyalty. We queued behind David Suchet, in fact.

Gelupo also boasts a cute little delicatessen at the back. Bethany and I obviously had a little runaround back there. That’s two I can tick off from the ice cream tour of London!

The same team also runs Bocca di Lupo, an Italian restaurant across the road. I have heard good things; check it out.

June 2, 2010, 10:13 pm
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My amazing friend Bethany took me to Scoop on the bank holiday Monday. I’d never been before and we happened past the new branch on Brewer Street while looking for somewhere to have lunch.

(The short glimpse of blue sky we got on the bank holiday!)

I’m all moved into my room in Camden now. It’s been an insanely busy week, hence the lack of posts. I’m flying to Mombasa, Kenya on Monday night so there may be another dip in posts but rest assured that there will be plenty of photos to be posted when I get back! I’ve even bought a new 70-300 lens especially!

It has been very much a time of transition for me recently. New job, new flat, major life decisions. I forget sometimes that my face gives me away before I’ve even had the chance to gauge how I’m feeling. At work today, a couple of students (astoundingly sensitive 16-year-old boys) tried to cheer me up: “Miss, you look sad! Don’t be sad!” It’s true, I felt thrown in at the deep end today but I think I can overcome it and embrace the challenge.

More pictures from the bank holiday to come! I got a whole bunch of my friends doing cartwheels in Regent’s Park (I now live 5 minutes’ walk away woooohoooooo).