Happy new year!

I hope you had as lovely a festive season as I did. I spent it with lovely people and had a thoroughly fun and indulgent time. So fun and indulgent, in fact, that I neglected to take many photos. I’ve got a couple of disposable cameras in to be developed and some light-hearted shots of Bethany in a furry bear hat, so they’re at least on the way!

Giving into flights of fancy

I know you’ve all missed Bethany while she’s been living it up across the water in Montréal (I know I have). I had really burnt out by the time Christmas rolled round, but spending my first day off of the festive season with this scorchin’ hot thang soon remedied that. We hit up two of our regular Soho haunts, Maison Bertaux (for the gorgeous cakes) and Candy Bar (for the amazing cocktails), and laughed ourselves silly.

In the spirit of the new year, I’m going to share my most important resolution for 2011: to be more frivolous. With weekend trips to Dublin and Prague already booked, it’s looking hopeful that I’ll keep this one. As I’ve ambitiously named this blog Guide To A Charmed Life, I figure I should strive towards living a life as charmed as possible. And if I can’t be frivolous at 22, when can I be?

A whirlwind trip.

I went to Cambridge this weekend and had a lot of fun.

Oh man, the first picture. I keep laughing every time I see it. I love that hat and must attend a German Christmas market to purchase one of my own. It was nice to be back in Cambridge; it’s a quaint little town.

My room, my rules.

I’ve missed my room at home. It’s a small, pink, cluttered box of all my favourite things. I know I have to clear it out and move on, but for now I’m just sitting in it and rediscovering funny little trinkets from my childhood and adolescence. The ability to go in there and lock the door is what I miss most. I used to while away hours and hours on goodness knows what… Origami, watching films, sewing, playing my guitar, painting my nails… I wish I had so much time to sit, ponder and play now. I hope to recreate this room to suit my current self, when I have a place to decorate and time to call my own.

Fish Eye.
February 14, 2010, 1:22 am
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My new fish eye lens was so quick to arrive, I figured I had to take it out to play.

These aren’t brilliant but I guess the possibilities and limitations of fish eye will take some getting used to. Can’t wait to use it to snap Istanbul!