Horniman Museum

¬†Who knew such a goldmine lurked in the depths of southeast London? I’m the newest addition to the Horniman Museum’s fan club. Here are a few shots from their fantastic collection of musical instruments. More coming up from their natural history exhibits!

Long walks

Melie came with me on one of my long walks last week. We walked from Islington to Waterloo and it was a beautiful day. Usually I go off trekking the city on my own but it was great to bounce off someone along the way.

Castle Radio
October 24, 2010, 8:25 pm
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My friend Simon fronts a band called Castle Radio. They’re a good and funky bunch and deserve a mention on this here blog. Simon asked me to take some shots and, waning daylight and missing drummer Debbie aside, they came out alright. They’re cuties. More shots on the way, with a bit of luck. Check out their Facebook and Myspace.