Chill and be still (and always eat ice cream)
September 30, 2011, 12:04 pm
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You saw Bethany’s post over at The Arched Eyebrow about our Soho date last week, so here’s mine. We went for ice cream at Scoop in Covent Garden and generally had a pleasant and rambly afternoon. If you enjoy Bethany’s blog (and I’m sure you do because it’s REALLY GOOD), please vote for her to win a Cosmo Blog Award HERE under the ‘Student Blog’ category, and make sure there’s a little green tick next to ‘The Arched Eyebrow’.

Yalla Yalla

I’d been meaning to go to Yalla Yalla for a long time. My brother and I planned to meet up for late lunch yesterday so I decided I should finally get round to it. It’s fantastic. Everything tastes really fresh and delicious (and never overseasoned). We ate so much between us but the food wasn’t so rich that we regretted any of it. It’s tiny and cosy and really friendly. I really can’t sing its praises enough. Lebanese is one of my favourite types of world cuisine, and Yalla Yalla is a really good place to try if you’re also a fan.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

I spent quite a lot of time in Chinatown over the Chinese New Year weekend. I know I haven’t been around much recently, but I haven’t forgotten this little blog! I’m hoping to get back into taking photos over the coming weeks. I just got a new 18-105mm lens the other week, and it’s been mainly gathering dust since then so I should really take it out for a proper runaround. I’m going to Prague at the end of the month, which should really help. In the meantime, here are a handful of shots I took last weekend.

Giving into flights of fancy

I know you’ve all missed Bethany while she’s been living it up across the water in Montréal (I know I have). I had really burnt out by the time Christmas rolled round, but spending my first day off of the festive season with this scorchin’ hot thang soon remedied that. We hit up two of our regular Soho haunts, Maison Bertaux (for the gorgeous cakes) and Candy Bar (for the amazing cocktails), and laughed ourselves silly.

In the spirit of the new year, I’m going to share my most important resolution for 2011: to be more frivolous. With weekend trips to Dublin and Prague already booked, it’s looking hopeful that I’ll keep this one. As I’ve ambitiously named this blog Guide To A Charmed Life, I figure I should strive towards living a life as charmed as possible. And if I can’t be frivolous at 22, when can I be?

No stranger to the rain

I went for a walk through Soho yesterday. Armed with a bright pink leopard print umbrella, I braved the elements. It has been a bit of a shock to the system having so much rain recently, but it was like seeing an old friend. You know, one of those friends you’ve known for so long that they’re stuck in your life indefinitely as a reassuring but occasionally irritating presence. I’m off to an indoor picnic today (the grass is too sludgy to have it outdoors). Happy bank holiday!

Rasa sayange, rasa sayang sayange

My good friend Maashallah and I decided we wanted to go for dinner somewhere neither of us had tried before. We went to Rasa Sayang, a Malay restaurant in Chinatown. Being a Minang girl, I obviously ordered the beef rendang. Maash and I shared a portion of roti canai to start and I couldn’t decide between ice lemon tea and teh tarik to drink so I just ordered both. It’s a nice little place and all the food is very reasonably priced. We were left absolutely stuffed after our meal too – the beef rendang portion was very generous indeed. A+. Would dine again.

July 22, 2010, 12:06 pm
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It’s that time again. Time to envy my London adventures with Bethany. I had a half day at work the other day (it was meant to be a full day but you know how these things go) so we decided to picnic in St James’s Park and headed on a whim to Gelupo on Archer Street for dessert. I loved it. I had the strawberry and peach sorbets and Bethany had melon and peach. It’s nice also how tucked away Gelupo is on Archer Street, without many other places from which to tempt potential customers. It goes to show just how good it is, thriving on word of mouth and customer loyalty. We queued behind David Suchet, in fact.

Gelupo also boasts a cute little delicatessen at the back. Bethany and I obviously had a little runaround back there. That’s two I can tick off from the ice cream tour of London!

The same team also runs Bocca di Lupo, an Italian restaurant across the road. I have heard good things; check it out.