Drink, Shop & Do

One of the amazing people I am blessed to call my friends, Henna, took me on a tea and cake date as part of my birthday present. We chose Drink, Shop & Do as I love it there and Henna had never been. I can barely remember what cake I had as I basically inhaled it (something with caramel?), and Henna had a coconutty concoction that was really, really good. We also indulged in a teacup full of sherbet but hardly made a dent in it because, well, it was an entire teacup full of sherbet. Still, I do love it at Drink, Shop & Do. I’ve taken a few people there in the year and a half since I was introduced to it. I’ve also been to Early Doors Disco in their downstairs bar a few times as a couple of dear friends DJ there. Check it out! It’s pretty cool.

Issy’s Milky Way
February 12, 2012, 10:21 pm
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Look where Bethany and I went today! I’d heard a few whispers about Issy’s Milky Way so we decided to check it out. It’s adorable. There are cupcakes and other sweet things, milkshakes and coke floats, toasties and a lovely waiter with a very tall quiff. We each got a milkshake and Bethany got an Elvis cupcake and we marvelled at the various kitsch wares for sale around us.

The best advice I’ve ever received

I had a browse over at and have been thinking about this question ever since: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

I thought immediately of something my uncle said to me: “It’s okay to mess everything up.” He said it at a point where I wasn’t quite ready to hear it but now that my life has calmed down, I can see what he was getting at. I’m terrified of making mistakes and getting it wrong. I overthink and overanalyse and never take risks. I struggle to assert myself and show my feelings. I’m like a tightly knotted string, coming undone one loop at a time. Having played it safe for as long as I remember, I really should take the risk and not always do what I think I should be doing, but instead try doing what I want to do. It’s okay to get everything wrong, and that’s something I need to be reminded of on a regular basis.

So in honour of embracing my inner goof and losing inhibitions, here are a couple of snaps of my beautiful friend Bethany and me, eating udon with self-styled bibs (because we struggled to eat without getting it down our fronts). We’re so styling.

We also went to Maison Bertaux for dessert. No such thing as too much time spent in good old Maison B.

June 2, 2010, 10:13 pm
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My amazing friend Bethany took me to Scoop on the bank holiday Monday. I’d never been before and we happened past the new branch on Brewer Street while looking for somewhere to have lunch.

(The short glimpse of blue sky we got on the bank holiday!)

I’m all moved into my room in Camden now. It’s been an insanely busy week, hence the lack of posts. I’m flying to Mombasa, Kenya on Monday night so there may be another dip in posts but rest assured that there will be plenty of photos to be posted when I get back! I’ve even bought a new 70-300 lens especially!

It has been very much a time of transition for me recently. New job, new flat, major life decisions. I forget sometimes that my face gives me away before I’ve even had the chance to gauge how I’m feeling. At work today, a couple of students (astoundingly sensitive 16-year-old boys) tried to cheer me up: “Miss, you look sad! Don’t be sad!” It’s true, I felt thrown in at the deep end today but I think I can overcome it and embrace the challenge.

More pictures from the bank holiday to come! I got a whole bunch of my friends doing cartwheels in Regent’s Park (I now live 5 minutes’ walk away woooohoooooo).

Sweet tooth

I don’t even really have that much of a sweet tooth. A slice of cake every now and then does the trick, so I try to make sure I choose wisely. Maison Bertaux on Greek Street never fails me. My friend Bethany had the cheesecake pictured above, and I had the marvellous concoction below whose name I’ve forgotten – pastry, whipped cream, chocolate mousse AND a profiterole on the top. Absolutely amazing.

Bea’s of Bloomsbury
March 29, 2010, 8:37 pm
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I know this has turned into a baking blog of late but, well, I’ve been enjoying baking and trying new recipes. I plan to make ayam balado (red pepper chicken) this weekend so perhaps I’ll blog that to break up the dessert posts!

In the meantime, check out a few photos I have from Bea’s of Bloomsbury. A cheap and cheerful (those two wonderful words meet again) tea room on Theobald’s Road near Holborn, Bea’s has beautiful, beautiful cakes and afternoon tea at an affordable price. I’ve taken rather a few of my friends there, so perhaps my conversion of the masses can extend to anyone who stumbles across this post. Cake lovers of the internet, unite!

I can’t wait until summer when I can seek refuge from the heat in Bea’s. Last summer (in the little of it I spent in London), this cafe was the place to be amongst my friends.

In case this blog is getting rather sickly sweet from too many cakes, I promise something more savoury next time! Or at least, no cakes!