Season’s Eatings

I haven’t really baked anything for a good while! Sam has very kindly had me to stay this week so I figured it was a prime opportunity to whip up some cupcakes! And they even survived the train up. These are “candy-cane” cupcakes – vanilla with swirled peppermint frosting from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book!

Chocolate fudge cupcakes

On another one of my baking whims, I decided to bake chocolate fudge cupcakes. I used Nigella’s recipe and made chocolate buttercream frosting to put on top. These were easily the best cupcakes I’ve made thus far – so delicious. I think they’ll have to make another appearance sooner rather than later.

Bite-sized delight
September 5, 2010, 10:20 am
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I went for dinner at a friend’s house on Friday night and was assigned the task of bringing dessert. I didn’t really have time to bake anything so when pitching alternatives to the lovely girls in my office, we concluded that strawberries dipped in chocolate were a good idea. I had never attempted them before but figured they couldn’t be that difficult to make, and they weren’t. They were a real success at dinner (and before, as we kept sneaking them from the tin) and those that wouldn’t fit into the cake tin were popular with my flatmates too.

Coco Frenzy

I was at Chiswick Farmers Market last Sunday. It’s a cute little market, tucked away in Dukes Meadows near the river. I took a group there for work and between us we bought champagne, olives, beef burgers, Moroccan flatbreads, various vegetables, macarons and cupcakes. The macarons and cupcakes were bought from the lovely Bianca at Coco Frenzy, pictured above. Her stall was filled with beautiful treats – so beautiful that it pained me slightly to open the macarons the next day to share with my friends. The consensus was, however, that they were delicious. I asked Bianca where she had studied to be a chocolatier and she told me she had studied back home. I asked her where home was and she said Indonesia! What a coincidence. She will also be setting up a stall at the Halal Bihalal celebration at the ambassador’s house in September, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again. For now, check her out at the Coco Frenzy website or drop by Chiswick Farmers Market on a Sunday and say hello.

August 14, 2010, 10:55 am
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I met up with Henna yesterday for a dinner and cinema date. Dinner was great, the film not so much. We went to see The Last Airbender (Henna’s choice, not mine) and it was awful, though I must say that I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much throughout an entire film. We went to Miso in Angel for dinner, and wandered along to Tinderbox for dessert. I don’t usually crave sweet foods, but I think Henna coaxes out my sweet tooth. She had an austere looking cheesecake and I went for pecan pie.

July 22, 2010, 12:06 pm
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It’s that time again. Time to envy my London adventures with Bethany. I had a half day at work the other day (it was meant to be a full day but you know how these things go) so we decided to picnic in St James’s Park and headed on a whim to Gelupo on Archer Street for dessert. I loved it. I had the strawberry and peach sorbets and Bethany had melon and peach. It’s nice also how tucked away Gelupo is on Archer Street, without many other places from which to tempt potential customers. It goes to show just how good it is, thriving on word of mouth and customer loyalty. We queued behind David Suchet, in fact.

Gelupo also boasts a cute little delicatessen at the back. Bethany and I obviously had a little runaround back there. That’s two I can tick off from the ice cream tour of London!

The same team also runs Bocca di Lupo, an Italian restaurant across the road. I have heard good things; check it out.

Cupcake celebration

As it’s my last full-time week at my old job, I’ve made some cupcakes to bring in tomorrow. It has become something of a habit to bring in my baked goods to work. Baking is a brilliant way to let off steam and forget the stresses of the day, and I guess I’ve been a bit stressed recently so I’ve been baking a lot. These are chocolate cupcakes, each with a chunk of white chocolate in the centre. The frosting is cream cheese with a hint of vanilla. Do you like my new cake tins, by the way? They were a birthday present from my mum and a lovely addition to my kitchenware.

I wish I had the momentum to write something more interesting, but I just don’t have it right now. If all goes to plan, the hunt for a summer flat may have come to an end. My poor, insanely tired body can’t take much more trekking around after work to view flats. I feel like I’m too busy to take everything in, and that’s never a good feeling. I’ve spent some time lounging in parks and various eateries, however, in between work and viewings. It’s funny how much you can fit into small windows of time!