Views of Athens

I know these are long overdue! The onset of winter has made me lethargic and lazy. These are a mix of shots from Athens. I can’t adequately sum up Athens. I’ve visited a number of cities and I’ve never experienced anything like the views Athens has to offer, and there are so many vantage points from which to see them. Seeing the city from such height gave me a sense of just how massive cities are and, in the case of Athens, just how old and sprawling they can be.

History of nature

Here are some more from the Horniman Museum! I’ll definitely be going back there, probably before their exhibition on Bali finishes.

I’m off on a jaunt to Greece tomorrow, armed with a couple of lenses and a couple of disposable cameras. With a bit of luck, I’ll come back with some decent shots to share. Enjoy half term, everyone!

Horniman Museum

¬†Who knew such a goldmine lurked in the depths of southeast London? I’m the newest addition to the Horniman Museum’s fan club. Here are a few shots from their fantastic collection of musical instruments. More coming up from their natural history exhibits!

A few more trinkets

Here are the rest of my shots from the V&A the other day. Looking at these, I’m reminded why I love it there so much. There is such a variety on offer that it’s as near to jumping continents as you’ll get under one roof.


I think I’ve mentioned before that the Victoria and Albert Museum is my favourite in London. Unfortunately, a significant portion of it is closed for refurbishment at the moment until 2012, but there’s still plenty to see. More shots to come from the afternoon I spent in there over the weekend.

Buried treasures

A number of my recent posts have been about museums because I visit one every month for work. Not bad as jobs go, really. These shots are from the British Museum, one of my favourites. I think I’ll always have a soft spot for Islamic art because of the sheer luxury of it – all the golds and blues and the prettiness of Arabic script. It appeals to my inner magpie. The Islamic art room in the British Museum covers an impressive range from the Safavids to the Ottomans to the Mughals. I need to go again when I have more time to stroll around at a leisurely pace.

London Science Museum

I love the Science Museum. I’ve been there so many times but I never tire of it. There are so many things to ‘oooh’ at and play with. I took a group of people there today for work – one of the more fortunate ways to nurse a sore head after a fun Friday night. The consensus is that the V&A should be our next stop – my absolute favourite. I used to sit in there as a teenager with my sketchbook and pencils for hours at a time.