A Polski Adventure

I wish I could sum up for you just how much I loved Gdansk. It’s pretty, historically rich and lively. We were there during the Santa Dominika festival and the city was buzzing. I can’t lie and say I did the full works in terms of seeing the sights – the itinerary for my cousin’s wedding was quite intense (lots of parties). But still, everyone left Gdansk in agreement that we would all love to go back soon. I was (predictably) worse for wear and asleep for the drive to the wedding venue (which was next to the beauuuuutiful lake pictured above) so I have no idea what the area was called, but it was about an hour and a half’s drive from Gdansk.

Willkommen in Berlin!

As expected, I had a fantastic time in Berlin. These shots are from Neukölln, an area in the southeast of the city. Bethany and I took a walk along the canal and into the Türkische Markt. So many more photos to come! I’ve got a crazy couple of weeks in terms of work but I’ll do my best to post on the regular. In the meantime, do check out Bethany’s new fashion blog, The Arched Eyebrow. I think you’ll all approve.

A few more trinkets

Here are the rest of my shots from the V&A the other day. Looking at these, I’m reminded why I love it there so much. There is such a variety on offer that it’s as near to jumping continents as you’ll get under one roof.

August 23, 2010, 1:15 pm
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I have a new favourite thing. My mum came to visit last week and we went shopping in Camden. It’s odd, but I hadn’t really bothered to wander around until my mum came, despite living here for the last 3 months. I suppose it was because I spent half of my teenage years in Camden, so I knew what to expect. It was fun watching my mum’s facial expressions if we walked past any mega goths, though. We found this cuter than cute T Rex necklace at a stall by the canal and it has been around my neck for most of the weekend. Small pleasures.

The slow one now will later be fast

At a loss for what to do on a rare day off from everything, I decided to go to Portobello Market with my camera. I had been meaning to go for months and as it was such a beautiful day, I figured it was high time I just went. I’m glad I did. Armed with a couple of lenses and a strawberry and lemon smoothie to cool me down, I managed to get quite a few shots. Here is a selection of the pretty things I saw. Still to come are the foodie and miscellaneous item shots.


While we were on safari, we visited a Maasai village near Amboseli. I had met a considerable number of Maasai back in Mombasa, and it was so lovely to come back and show them the photos. They recognised all of their friends and were so happy to see how the little ones had grown, as some had not been home in over a year.


I’ve been considering a jewellery post for a little while and decided to just get on with it.

I can often be seen wearing these two necklaces. The top one is a small medallion bearing the Shahada.

I’ve been a fan of kitsch things since my mid teens. I can’t explain why pure tack gives me such a lift, but it does. For my 18th birthday, I bought myself a charm bracelet heaving with gumball charms. I wore it until its untimely death when all of its charms had fallen off.

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to two things: high heels and earrings. I wear flat shoes and stud earrings all the time. I own nice pairs of heels and dangly earrings, but I’m quite low-maintenance when it comes to these kind of things. Here are a few pairs from my ever-expanding collection of studs. A friend of mine noticed my tendency towards studs and bought me a pair of dangly earrings to encourage me to wear them. I might have to give it a go.

Here are a few of my favourite pairs of earrings that aren’t studs. I might be spotted wearing a pair of these on the odd occasion, though they’ll usually find their way into a zip pocket in my handbag halfway through the evening.

A few pieces of jewellery come from further afield than the UK high street. The top bangles are from Singapore; middle bangles are from Morocco; turquoise necklace is from Morocco; green beaded necklaces is from Thailand.

I love jewellery and accessories in the shape of animals. This bear ring is one example – I also have lion and a wolf rings, and belts bearing elephants and horses.

I don’t tend to wear women’s watches because I like a good chunk of metal on my wrist. I’ve acquired two fake men’s Breitling watches over the past few years, which I swear I could use instead of ankle weights if I wanted to go for a power walk.

As an avid fan of jewellery and accessories, I’m always fascinated by the jewellery boxes of others. Shallow though it sounds, you can learn something about someone from their jewellery box. I, for example, like my surroundings to be cute, warm and aesthetically pleasing. I’m learning the hard way, however, that less is more (as demonstrated by the sheer volume of jewellery I own). I used to dress myself up a bit like a Christmas tree, dotting myself with shiny things all over. Having calmed down slightly in terms of personal style, I tend to stick with statement pieces now like one huge ring or necklace. I’m something of a magpie when it comes to jewellery and I tend to fall (and stay!) in love with things. When I’m out and about, I tend to see magpies everywhere. It’s rare for me to leave the house and not see one on any given day – I think we’re just kindred spirits.