The last few from my Portobello Market photos! I didn’t realise quite how many I took. I should give myself the day off from everything more often. Have a good week!

Food and frivolities

Being a foodie, I love taking photos of food. In fact, food is my favourite thing to photograph. I love the mix of foods to be found along Portobello Road, from staples like vegetables and meat to more frivolous, spur of the moment foods like ice cream and cakes.

The slow one now will later be fast

At a loss for what to do on a rare day off from everything, I decided to go to Portobello Market with my camera. I had been meaning to go for months and as it was such a beautiful day, I figured it was high time I just went. I’m glad I did. Armed with a couple of lenses and a strawberry and lemon smoothie to cool me down, I managed to get quite a few shots. Here is a selection of the pretty things I saw. Still to come are the foodie and miscellaneous item shots.