On the Quayside market, there was an amazing mirror stall.

I was nursing a sore head and stiff body when I wandered around the centre of Newcastle. I self-medicated with some chips with brown sauce and a slice of caramel shortbread (see above) and soon felt better.

Newcastle is a very pretty city. The layout of it is easy on the eye – roads wind up and down, interweaving with arches and other curved structures. There are plenty of quirks to it. Geordies are also very friendly. I took a taxi the night I got there and learned an impressive amount about the talkative driver’s life in the mere ten minutes I spent in his car. I felt bad for being such a cynical Londoner, wondering what these lovely people really wanted from me. It was a refreshing experience and I’d definitely like to go back when I have more time to soak it in.

I’m a foodie

Las Papas in Mexico – the best fast food I’ve ever eaten.

Mussaman curry in the late Thai restaurant Boonchoo.

Snog frozen yoghurt.

Crepe with banana and chocolate brownie from House of Crepes in Gabriel’s Wharf. They also make savoury ones!

Moroccan sweets in Marrakech.

Thai desserts at the annual Thai food festival in Battersea Park.

A selection of photos of delicious foods I have stumbled across and have been looking for an excuse to post. Perhaps forcing them all into the same post isn’t particularly palatable but I have put the savoury before the sweet, at least.