Election fever

BBC News screencap

This is how it’s looking at the moment. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so disheartened by British politics. In my constituency (Richmond Park), Lib Dem MP Susan Kramer has been ousted by old money playboy Zac Goldsmith. Letterboxes were bombarded with letters, leaflets and flyers from Goldsmith. It turned into a battle of resources, of who could waste the most paper. Susan Kramer was a fantastic MP for Richmond Park – she withdrew from the Lib Dem frontbench to focus on local issues in her constituency and did a fantastic job of it. I’m very sad to see her go; it’s lucky I’m looking to move out of Richmond.

As soon as I voted yesterday morning, I felt¬†distinctly powerless. There’s something about elections that reaffirms the separation I feel from the decision-making process. Not only does my vote not count in a system that requires only a simple majority for victory, but no candidate represents me. Instead, I vote on the basis of who I definitely do not want. It detaches me and people like me from responsibility over the governance of our own state.

I’m tired and burnt out this week, hence a lack of posts. Flathunting is a very tiring process and I’ve got nowhere so far. I’m debating whether to move now or after I get back from Kenya. Oh yeah, I’m going to Kenya for two weeks in June – birthday present from my brother. Rather excited about it, though I have to get myself vaccinated and malaria-pilled sharpish. No doubt I’ll come back sunburnt, with a sick tummy, hundreds of photos, and a few stories.