Remember Edie? Well, she’s through to the final of Live and Unsigned! Not that it’s a surprise as she’s a brilliant songwriter, singer and guitarist. And she’s the most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. AND she’s super sweet and smart, to boot. Enough fawning from me, you get the idea. She’s awesome. Catch her at the Live and Unsigned Festival at the IndigO2 on July 10th!

Take it from the top
April 27, 2010, 4:40 pm
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I guess I should post in chronological order the events of the past few days. It’s been so hectic! I’ll start with last Thursday, when Marietta and I gigged at Citizen Smith in Putney.

It was quite chilly singing in front of a giant open window frame, hence the coats. We looked a bit like singing detectives.

This week I am refusing to make plans because I am completely worn out. I have more than enough photos to put up here, including from my birthday and a whirlwind trip to Newcastle. Really liked Newcastle. I’m also still mulling over the idea of a jewellery post. We shall see!

Slap dash
April 10, 2010, 12:55 pm
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I’m really meant to have left for my Indonesian class, so here are a few shots from the past few days.

Yet another talented friend! I played guitar for my friend Marietta’s gig during the week. As always, it was a pleasure (note: the unintentional matching outfits). Marietta has been singing for as long as I’ve known her (10+ years) and is also a skilled songwriter. Check out her Myspace page.