Yalla Yalla

I’d been meaning to go to Yalla Yalla for a long time. My brother and I planned to meet up for late lunch yesterday so I decided I should finally get round to it. It’s fantastic. Everything tastes really fresh and delicious (and never overseasoned). We ate so much between us but the food wasn’t so rich that we regretted any of it. It’s tiny and cosy and really friendly. I really can’t sing its praises enough. Lebanese is one of my favourite types of world cuisine, and Yalla Yalla is a really good place to try if you’re also a fan.

Rasa sayange, rasa sayang sayange

My good friend Maashallah and I decided we wanted to go for dinner somewhere neither of us had tried before. We went to Rasa Sayang, a Malay restaurant in Chinatown. Being a Minang girl, I obviously ordered the beef rendang. Maash and I shared a portion of roti canai to start and I couldn’t decide between ice lemon tea and teh tarik to drink so I just ordered both. It’s a nice little place and all the food is very reasonably priced. We were left absolutely stuffed after our meal too – the beef rendang portion was very generous indeed. A+. Would dine again.

Princi Bakery

From sweet to savoury. The day after indulging in apple crumble from Maison Bertaux, I went for a light dinner at Princi Bakery on Wardour Street (I do spend rather a lot of time in Soho) with my friend Adrian. Generally anything doughy and savoury is good with me. I only tried a couple of things this time but what I did try was absolutely delicious. I had been walking past Princi for months and had just never got round to trying it. I’m glad I finally did after much anticipation.