Giving into flights of fancy

I know you’ve all missed Bethany while she’s been living it up across the water in MontrĂ©al (I know I have). I had really burnt out by the time Christmas rolled round, but spending my first day off of the festive season with this scorchin’ hot thang soon remedied that. We hit up two of our regular Soho haunts, Maison Bertaux (for the gorgeous cakes) and Candy Bar (for the amazing cocktails), and laughed ourselves silly.

In the spirit of the new year, I’m going to share my most important resolution for 2011: to be more frivolous. With weekend trips to Dublin and Prague already booked, it’s looking hopeful that I’ll keep this one. As I’ve ambitiously named this blog Guide To A Charmed Life, I figure I should strive towards living a life as charmed as possible. And if I can’t be frivolous at 22, when can I be?

Summer is definitely over.
November 6, 2009, 10:23 pm
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I spent the summer in Indonesia. Half of my family are from there and I spent a lot of time there as a child, but this year was the first real opportunity I’ve had to explore it. I went to central Java and Bali and really saw it. I wasn’t staring out at it from behind a car window. I guess having a new level of fluency in the language (I studied it for two years at SOAS) really helped to overcome the barrier of having fair skin and European facial features. I felt overwhelmingly global – not British, Indonesian, Irish, European or Asian – for the first time and got to really listen to people speaking about life in Indonesia, instead of inferring it for myself.

I know I can’t learn every language of the world so I can’t (half) blend in anywhere else on my to-visit list in the same way, but I guess there’s something I can take away from it – to look at the similarities rather than the differences between people and communities of people