Hearty food

Czech food is fantastic. The perfect mix of stodge and flavour, it’s hearty food at its finest. We went for Chinese on our second night (to give our stomachs a break from all the dumplings – see last photo) but otherwise attempted to have a fully Bohemian experience. We certainly drank a lot of beer, which helped.

Won tons and katsu don

I went for dinner with my boyfriend at Ten Ten Tei on Brewer Street. I had the katsu don and he had ramen noodle soup with tempura. I absolutely love that little restaurant. Really good value for money and I can vouch for the sushi too, especially as sushi is usually so expensive in London. Cheap and cheerful always wins my vote.

We also went to the closing gala of the Birds Eye View film festival. The film showing was Whip It, Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut film about roller derby. I love Drew Barrymore and have for a very long time. The film was a lot of fun and had that popular indie feel without being too pretentious, even with Ellen Page (which I thought was quite an achievement). In a lot of ways, it was a standard coming-of-age-through-sporting-achievement film, but it was fun nonetheless.

On an appropriate note, I’m off to watch the roller derby tonight! I will attempt to take photos!