Keeping Mum
August 27, 2012, 10:16 pm
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I like hanging out at my mum’s house. From the constant buzz of north London to that tiny residential sliver where (so-called) London meets countryside, it’s a welcome break. My mum has always loved flowers, as you can see from her garden above. It’s the perfect place to sit with the dog (I may post pics another time) when everyone else is out.

My room, my rules.

I’ve missed my room at home. It’s a small, pink, cluttered box of all my favourite things. I know I have to clear it out and move on, but for now I’m just sitting in it and rediscovering funny little trinkets from my childhood and adolescence. The ability to go in there and lock the door is what I miss most. I used to while away hours and hours on goodness knows what… Origami, watching films, sewing, playing my guitar, painting my nails… I wish I had so much time to sit, ponder and play now. I hope to recreate this room to suit my current self, when I have a place to decorate and time to call my own.