A little bit of rock ‘n’ roll music
April 23, 2011, 3:11 pm
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Some snaps from the 50s-themed fundraiser I mentioned last time. Insane amounts of hairspray, lipstick and fun. Having been on holiday for 2 days, I already have some more photos to come. Watch this space!


Tonight the subject of Halloween 2007 came up so I decided to dig out these old photos. I have no idea what I was meant to be dressed as (cat whiskers + ears + pink wig??), but the photo of me playing an accordion we found(!) next to who appears to be Slash is hilarious! Go have a look through your old photos and see what gems you stumble upon! Here, for example, is my friend Adrian dressed as a tomato:

We’re considering dressing Adrian as Pikachu this year!