Remember Edie? Well, she’s through to the final of Live and Unsigned! Not that it’s a surprise as she’s a brilliant songwriter, singer and guitarist. And she’s the most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. AND she’s super sweet and smart, to boot. Enough fawning from me, you get the idea. She’s awesome. Catch her at the Live and Unsigned Festival at the IndigO2 on July 10th!

Calling off the jam

The London Rollergirls tonight (‘London Brawling’) was so much fun! The Texas Hustlers came over all the way from the US to compete and it was a tense and closely fought match. The atmosphere was so buzzing and the music playlist was fantastic – a mix of hair metal, Prince and 80s Madonna, resembling my old gym playlist. Nothing gets me more in the mood for FUQ YEAH EXERCISE or enthusiastic bopping on the spot.

Next baking project is chocolate brownies! Perfect Sunday afternoon activity.