We two should be like a couple of hot tomatoes

I decided to give this blog a break from the barrage of Kenya photos and share instead some shots from my epic walk home the other day to Camden from London Bridge. It was such a nice evening and the prospect of sitting on a hot and sweaty bus or tube did not appeal. I stumbled across lots of sequins scattered across the cobbles and a beautiful sunset. Not a bad way to end an evening. It’s funny how your mood can change the way you look at things or, in this case, photograph things. I was in such a good mood when I took these and as a result they turned out quite…optimistic and romantic. I should try when I’m in a bad mood and observe the difference.

Guadalajara, Guadalajaraaaaaaa!

I’m working through the backlog of interesting 2009 experiences, and I’ve reached Mexico. I loved my two weeks in Mexico and it’s my goal to get myself there again next year. The food, the heat, the music, the beer. I never used to like beer but now there’s little better for me than a good, light beer with a slice of lime. Gorgeous.

I need to get back in the habit of taking my camera everywhere with me. It’s just so cold and I don’t fancy freezing my fingers off in the wind and the rain. Clearly gloves are the answer!