Halal bihalal

Halal bihalal is an Indonesian holiday of asking for forgiveness and the pardoning of sins after Eid ul-Fitr. As sad as I have been that I couldn’t be in Indonesia for Eid this year, I managed at least to spend halal bihalal at Wisma Nusantara (the ambassador’s residence) in London. Gotta love epic meet-ups of Indonesians.

Bianca from Coco Frenzy had a stall this year and my friends and I indulged (rather too much) in some of her desserts – macarons, chocolate cake and carrot cake. I was running around having too much fun to remember to take photos (boohoo, I know) but below is my lovely friend Mo brandishing cake. Bianca is so lovely that she invited me to her house to teach me how to make the lovely chocolate things she sells! Obviously I said yes without a moment’s hesitation. So not only does she make delicious treats, but she’s also super nice. Some people have it all.

(easily my favourite photo of the day)

It was good timing, really. Just as I felt so sad and missed Indonesia so much, I got to spend an afternoon in the company of London’s Indonesians. Indonesian language classes start up again at the end of the month too, so it’s not all bad.

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