June 2, 2010, 10:13 pm
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My amazing friend Bethany took me to Scoop on the bank holiday Monday. I’d never been before and we happened past the new branch on Brewer Street while looking for somewhere to have lunch.

(The short glimpse of blue sky we got on the bank holiday!)

I’m all moved into my room in Camden now. It’s been an insanely busy week, hence the lack of posts. I’m flying to Mombasa, Kenya on Monday night so there may be another dip in posts but rest assured that there will be plenty of photos to be posted when I get back! I’ve even bought a new 70-300 lens especially!

It has been very much a time of transition for me recently. New job, new flat, major life decisions. I forget sometimes that my face gives me away before I’ve even had the chance to gauge how I’m feeling. At work today, a couple of students (astoundingly sensitive 16-year-old boys) tried to cheer me up: “Miss, you look sad! Don’t be sad!” It’s true, I felt thrown in at the deep end today but I think I can overcome it and embrace the challenge.

More pictures from the bank holiday to come! I got a whole bunch of my friends doing cartwheels in Regent’s Park (I now live 5 minutes’ walk away woooohoooooo).

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